iPhone setup instructions

Your iPhone supports 2 kinds of VPN connections: PPTP and L2TP. Usually L2TP is faster and more secure, but some ISP’s block or throttle it. Use the connection method that works best for you.

Please follow the instructions below to set up PPTP or L2TP (but not both within the same connection details)





To fill out the connection details, please select one of the server names from your subscription confirmation email and use it in the server field. If you are or a highly protected network, you may have to use the IP address instead of the name.

If you have a valid username and password, please fill those in the Account (username) and Password fields. Free account users please use demo for both the username and password

The Secret is usaip an only has to be used if you select an L2TP connection. If you want to set up a PPTP connection, please skip this image and go to the next.
All the setting below are the same as those for L2TP, except that you don’t have the Secret field. please only fill out the L2TP or PPTP tab but not both.
Select the VPN name that you set up and slide the status to ON
To disconnect, slide the status to off